Care Giver

Care Giver Services not only allow you to have your freedom to do independent work but also gives you sense of satisfaction that you have contributed in someone's life. Be it teaching a new language or to give  instrument lesson. Helping elderly to take them to hospital to cooking classes.  Our caregiver category makes you feel like a  boss & decide to earn at your conveniences. 

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Care Giver

Sharetask gives you freedom to have your exposure in the platform. Based on your selected skills any task which matches with your skils will be proposed to you for bidding. Care giver has variety of categories & sub-categories which will allow you to cater wide range from being a chef to dance teacher. 


As a task poster for Care Giver, post a task with details what you need to be done by the sharetaskers, provide details of the tools or things you need it to be bought with them and sitback relax and once the work is done, release the funds, give your experience and feedback along with rating. 

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Earn up to €5,000 per month on completing the tasks.