Finance, Legal and Accounting

Accounting and legal is a pain and very expensive activity any one could think of. Yearly assessment, submission of tax for freelancers or company is an expensive affair.

Hiring a accounting company gives a recurring cost to any one and does not give satisfaction.

And understanding by ourself and submitting the taxes or book holding make the life much difficult and full of surprises with cost.

Trusted serives with great price.

Flexiable, available at your door step or at their studios.

Free, no obligation quotes.

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Finance, Legal and Accounting

At Sharetask we came up with the idea of providing option to post a task for the specific activities you want from accountant or from legal. Hire them based on the work you needed to be done and get away with less expensive service.

No monthly recurring cost and nether surprises at the end of the year surprise bills.

On posting the task chat with the Sharetaskers who bid for your task explan them and provide them enough information for them to assess. Once you are ready make sure that you fund your account to display your trust and once the work is done release the funds to make sure the sharetasker gets his due pay. Give rating and review of your experience will allow others to assess the Sharetaskers services.

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