Helpful tips for new users

We want all of our users to have the best possible experiences on Sharetask. To set up for every step of the success way, we’ve created this set of helpful tips for new members.

Check them out below and get the most out of the marketplace from day one.

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Create a detailed profile

Your profile represents who you are. Having a genuine and informative profile builds trust between users, meaning a higher chance of Posters wanting to assign you. It’s a good idea to have a bio, a profile picture that shows your face, badges, and a portfolio. Check out our full article here for more information on how to create a good profile.

Set up task alerts

A task alert is a notification about a recently posted task you may be interested in completing. By setting up and modify your task alerts, you can easily view tasks that are within your interest and skillset and place an offer right away.

Fill out your information

You can only start making offers once you’ve filled out important information in your profile, like your bank details, mobile number and billing address. Make sure this information is correct so you can promptly receive payment when you complete tasks! Be assured that all this information is secure and not publicly accessible anywhere.

Be aware of the Community Guidelines

You’ve agreed to these guidelines by creating an account with Sharetask, so it’s important you to understand how they can affect you. The guidelines will help you with the dos and don’ts of making offers, what types of tasks we support, and what type of comments you can make.

Think about your offer

Look closely at all of the information on a task to make sure that you can do it. Check the description, date, price, location and any attachments. Once checked and you're confident that you can complete the task, make an offer!

Don’t forget to request payment

Once you’ve completed a task, you need to request payment. If you don’t request payment, the Customer will not be able to release it to you.

Sharetask is here to help

We’ve been working hard on creating a Help Centre with tonnes of information to support you every step of the way. Always remember though, if you ever need anything else, our team is always here to help. You can contact us here.






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