Community Guidelines

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User Agreement:, Sharetask, SharetaskEU is a product of BIG WATER CONSULTING Reg. BE 0560.970.596 ("Sharetask", "we" or "us") operates an online platform ("Sharetask Services") allowing users ("User" or "You" or "Customer" or "Provider")

Policies for our members

We all need direct or indirect help in our day-to-day life, coming either from family/friends or from someone who is hired to perform a specific task. The aim of is to create a tasking community where all its members can experience trustworthy, respectful and rewarding help from others. for Taskers and Posters is a platform that facilitates the connection between people offering services ("Taskers") and people who want to get their work done ("Posters"), with utmost easiness. As continues to grow, it is essential for us that each member of our community follows guidelines and instructions that reflect our deep values and standards of behavior in their work delivery. We are trying hard to establish and implement these guidelines so that authenticity and transparency is maintained, allowing all users to enjoy the work and have a great experience overall. is here to help resolve issues should they arise. In return, we ask for the community member’s cooperation and timely response to our support team. If any member suspects that a community member, either poster or tasker, has violated any Community Guidelines, this should be reported to as soon as possible by sending all the details via Contact Us.

The content of our community service will continue to change as we grow and continue to think about what is best for the community.

The Task-posting guidelines to the posters & taskers

The platform helps you find or get on-demand tasks that can be executed fast and with low cost. To create a safe, respectful and rewarding environment, we need you to follow the guidelines below:

A. Tasks must be legal in the country where the task has been posted

B. Prohibited items list

C. No escort or adult services

D. Clear scope, time and budget required

E. Task based posts

F. No advertising


1. Subcontracting and additional help

When you accept a Tasker's offer on your task, it is the duty of the Tasker to complete the task. If someone else comes to complete it, or if the Tasker brings someone to help, this is known as subcontracting and it is not supported on our platform.

Why? If the individual asked to help with the task (subcontractor) does not have a account, our support will not apply and the subcontractor will be treated as illegal. or BIG WATER CONSULTING will not be responsible if there is a misconduct of the supporting staff or subcontractor. It is the duty of the Poster to validate the Tasker and its authenticity by checking his/her identification.

2. Publicly sharing private information by worker

To maintain the authenticity and integrity of the community, our members can only share private contact information once an offer is accepted via private message.

To protect your safety and security, disclosure of private contact details or third party links is not allowed in any public areas of our website, in addition to comments and attachments. This also includes business or personal websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal emails, phone numbers, addresses. This is for the purpose of your safety and privacy and to prevent spam.

3. Unacceptable behaviors by the community members

The community and its members are the backbone of what we do and intend to do. Courtesy, mutual respect and seeing things from another person's perspective are essential. Accepting the task and delivering it like own will allow respect for each member of our community. At, we do not tolerate the following negative behaviors, any of which will result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended:

3.1 Hatred or violence

3.2 Harassment

3.3 Illegal behaviors

3.4 Disrespect

3.5 Trolling

3.6 Discrimination

4. Unsupported practices & task

At, we are committed to bringing communities and its members together, however this requires your support, suggestion and cooperation. We do not approve any of the following activities within our community, as it jeopardizes the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment, which we highly value:

4.1 Fraudulent reviews

4.2 Artificially improving public profile

4.3 Discussion forum

4.4 Harvesting member information

4.5 Lead generation

4.6 Communication outside of

4.7 Task management outside of after initial communication from our platform

5. Pricing and payments

To ensure a safe and rewarding platform for all members of the community, it is important to understand how pricing and payments work.

5.1 No commission based pricing

  • Sales and commission based tasks are not permitted and will be moderated and/or removed. Any offers made on your task should be for the full scope of the task. When you accept an offer, that is the final acceptance and the amount that you are obligated to pay is the agreed “Bid amount” or the posted amount plus platform fees, insurance and taxes. These are additional taxes which are calculated based on the posted amount. The value added tax is applied on the gross amount. This is the requirement from the local country's tax regulation.

5.2 Sharetask Pay

  • Cash payments are not supported on the platform. When an offer is accepted you will need to add funds to the task, which are securely held in a Sharetaskpay Account until the task is completed. Once the task is completed, the payment is released and routed via and Sharetaskpay ensures the safety and security of all our community members.

5.3 Accurate banking details

  • To provide seamless transaction of funds to your Tasker, please ensure that your credit or debit card details are valid and up to date in your Payment Settings. It is also very important to have smooth payout transactions, the user needs to adhere to the Stripe document policies, required by the banks, in order to activate the account to receive the payout:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Personal ID
    • ID document (Upload file format jpg, png.)
    • Legal document

5.4 Payment with VISA or MasterCard (Powered by Stripe)

  • All tasks must be remunerated via credit or debit MasterCard or VISA card. Cash or cash equivalent payments are not supported.

6. Account eligibility

We know you are eager to set up an account and get started on, but we need you to make sure you qualify for the following:

  • 6.1 18 years or older

All members of the community must be 18 years of age or older. This is a legal requirement as people under the age of 18 are not able to enter a legal contract with or BIG WATER CONSULTING. We reserve the right to request proof of age should this be necessary. BIG WATER CONSULTING or is not and will not be liable if a community member who is under 18 years of age executes a task.

7. Account administration

Now that you understand a little more about, we have some important information regarding accounts.

7.1 No account transfers

Your account is your responsibility and you must maintain control of it. It must NOT be transferred to another person as your account and reviews reflect your skills and abilities.

7.2 No duplicate accounts

Members may only have a single, active account on the platform. As your account reflects your reputation in the marketplace and represents your skills and abilities, any duplicate accounts attempting to disguise a member's history, will be removed immediately.

All members have an obligation to adhere to the Community Guidelines in accordance with the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We at BIG WATER CONSULTING / assume that each community user, website visitor and task poster or task service provider have READ, AGREED and ACCEPTED the Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Community Guidelines.