How much you can earn from the platform?

You can earn  6,130 euros per year  maximum because of your complementary activities. Your travel and overhead costs are included in these amounts. 

Amounts are added for the three types of complementary activities. You can earn 6.130 euros per year for all your activities taken  together  : those towards other citizens, for associations and platforms of collaborative economy. 

What happens if you exceed the threshold of 6,130 € per year?  

Once this limit of € 6,130 has been exceeded, all the income received as a result of the provision of services via the approved platforms (and not only the revenues that exceed the € 6,130 limit) could be treated as professional income . You will therefore be required to subject yourself  to the social status of independent (complementary) . The taxpayer nevertheless has the opportunity to prove otherwise by demonstrating that his activity is not exercised often enough and that it can not be considered as a continuing professional activity. If this is the case, the income keeps the nature of miscellaneous income. 

If the income is actually considered as professional income, you will no longer be able to benefit from the tax exemption and will have to take certain steps (including your registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, ask for your VAT number, ...) . If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us contact (contact (at), we will be happy to  assist you in this process . 

Can I accumulate revenue on different approved platforms? 

Yes, but still within  the limit of 6.130 € . The limit has been set at € 6,130 (for the 2018 revenue year)  per tax period  and not per platform.